The Benefits of Novel Engineering

Works Within ELA Curriculum

The highly-adaptable approach works within an already existing language arts curriculum where teachers choose books that work best in their classrooms

Engages All Learners

The exciting and different way to practice literacy provides students who struggle with language arts have a new way to demonstrate comprehension

Introduces Realistic Engineering Problems

Looking for problems in the text as “engineers” introduces students to rich, realistic engineering problems.  In solving engineering challenges, students have achieved much higher level engineering standards than expected at their grade levels.

Enhances Reading Comprehension

Students relate to the characters as they work to create solutions for them, enhancing the comprehension of text as students try to find details to predict characters’ choices.  Students support their ideas with evidence from the text.

Provides Integration of Different Disciplines

Using texts to find engineering problems and engineering to promote the text provides synergistic integration of different disciplines and meets common core and next generation science standards

Builds 21st Century Skills

Engaging in the Engineering Design Process allows students to practice important 21st century skills such as teamwork and communication

Incorporates Writing
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