Upcoming Workshops


June 13, 2015
Novel Engineering will be offering a 75 minute session as part of ASEE’s annual K-12 workshop day. ASEE is in Seattle, Washington this year.

Visit http://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences/k12-workshop/2015 for more information about the conference and to register for the workshop.

NE at International Literacy Association

July 17 from 9:00-5:00
Presenters will use a hands-on, multimedia approach that includes video of students, the Novel Engineering website as well as whole and small group discussions. Participants will be engaged in two hands-on investigations using the literature and found materials for building. Participants will engage in the same methods and experiences that we hope students will encounter in the classroom. Participants will work with partner and small groups to design for the characters. Each group will share their work using gallery walks, mid-design share-outs and protocols. Participants will also be able to choose a break out session to attend; focused on interactive read-alouds and writing related to Novel Engineering. 



Past Workshops:

ASEE: Engineering in K-12 Classrooms Annual Teachers Workshop

Novel Engineering Professional Development Workshop at Tufts University
Participate in a 3-day workshop to be help on the Tufts campus in Medford.
July 15-17, 2014

STEM Think Tank: The STEM Connection
Conference Theme STEM+–Connections with STEM and all disciplines
We are offering a post conference workshop on July 18th for Novel Engineering